Two easy ways to grow and provide value.

Issue # 131

◦ The best decision I've made is to launch this newsletter.

◦ Make more money by giving away the farm.

◦ Do you have a podcast? Resound makes editing it effortless.

Here are two easy ideas to grow your audience and provide value at the same time.

  1. Create a minimalist podcast.
  2. Create a minimalist YouTube channel.

They both serve as a valuable way to deliver your message to a broader audience and act as an efficient and affordable way of marketing your products or services.

I might've been a bit skeptical at first; after all, Joe's book clocked in at 51 pages. What I soon learned was that every writer who longs to become a 'working writer' needs to read EMPIRE OF ONE. It's succinct and direct, and there aren't any wasted words.

Barry Morris


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