I'm Joe Forrest and I write.

My mission is to help creators create, specifically by upping their writing game.

I do this by sharing what I know about writing as a craft, how to turn it into a business, and how to do it on a budget you can afford.

Niche of One: Minimalist Content Creation for Beginners

Niche of One stands as a beacon for aspiring creators who want to make a big impact with minimalist content creation. I focus on helping beginners simplify their creative process while delivering meaningful, effective content.

This isn't a job for me.

It is a passion.

Throughout my life, one common denominator has helped me overcome every obstacle that's been placed in my path, and that's my love of the written word and the promise of its potential.

When I was a child, I used to spend rainy weekends combing over an old encyclopedia set, absorbing all these stories that comprised our human history.

As an awkward teen, I lived secret lives in comic books and fiction novels.

As a young adult, I volunteered to serve my nation in the USAF, spending over a decade at war. My mental resilience wasn't just due to my training, but the empowerment that my skills at writing gave me.

In my civilian life, I've worked for companies like GoDaddy, CBRE, and Google, where my writing skill allowed me to get positions that I was not qualified to hold. Nonetheless, I had learned to think outside the box, adapt, and overcome all the obstacles in front of me.

All of this because I was a good writer.

I want to take everything I've learned and help you do the same in a fraction of the time.